Personal Pyramid 8 inches

Personal Pyramid 8 inches

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In the book "Secret Power of Pyramids", Bill Schul & Ed Petit describe pyramid as, 'pyro meaning fire and 'amid meaning being at the centre'. A pyramid's energy can energise you, make you more productive & efficient. Its a sacred geometry, bewildering mankind for centuries. Experiments show that

products kept under it, such as vegetables & fruits remain fresher, blades sharper, milk last longer etc.


Our purpose built pyramids can have your names, your ideals' names, life goals, financial targets etc written on them. Meditate with your pyramids to see miracles happen.


This pyramid is 51° 51m 14s angle, a perfect spiritual partner, energizing your surroundings.

Size 8 x 8 inches.


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Specify colour options 1,2,3 as limited stock available.

Clearly spell the 8 words to be written, 2 words per side fitting in about 6 inch space.